Our company provides you with top notch cleaning services at the luxury of your own house. We will ensure you the best car wash experience for a great price! We will make sure every customer is super satisfied and we guarantee you premium car care products. We foresee our company expanding both in size and customer capacity to ensure that every car owner is able to enjoy our car cleaning services. CarWash2You promises to continue providing high quality car washing services from the comfort of the home at competitive pricing.


CarWash2You is a truly unique car wash service that maximizes both quality and convenience. We work to strive and expand in the car washing industry because of our unique business style that allows us to be so mobile. Our team of highly experienced and motivated car washers work hand in hand with our upper level management to create cohesion in our work environment. This ensures maximum possible quality and time efficient washes that will leave you beyond satisfied. Below is information on our wonderful staff, and contact emails if you have any more questions. Thanks for your interest in CarWash2You, and have a great day!



My name is Alyssa and I am a senior at West Essex High School. My job here at CarWash2U is store manager. I hope you enjoy our service as much as we enjoy getting the job done!



Marketing Manager


Hi my name is Ivy Zhang and I am the Marketing Manager for our company. I am a senior at WEHS and I am involved in many clubs and activities, including Virtual Enterprise and this will enhance my experience as I will study Business Marketing in college. If you have any questions, you can contact me at the email above. 




Hi, my name is Chris Ruddy. I am a senior at West Essex High School and I am the Database Manager for the CarWash2You business. I enjoy spending time with friends, playing video games and sports.

Tech Solutions Illustration


Hi, my name is Lauren Krichman and I am the human resource benefits officer. I am the one incharge of what happens when you decide to stop working and the one who has given sick days and vacation days into the working year. My goals are to work around everyone and do my best to accommodate everyone's needs. I know there are emergencies and unavoidable situations when work needs to be missed and that is what I am here for. I have all of the best interests for my employees and I am excited to work with them this school year



Michael Ragusa is the accounts payables manager here at CarWash2U. He has been a member of the Marching Knights since freshman year and was this year's Drum Major. He participates in Tech Crew, Italian Club, Jazz Band and is an active parishioner of Saint Thomas More. He thanks his family for their constant love and support of his goals. Michael will be attending The College of New Jersey in the School of Business.



Hello, my name is Abigail Haenggi and I am the Trade Show/Out-of-Network events planner of CarWas2You. I am doing virtual enterprise because I am gaining more experience in the business field before going to college for my major of ESports Management. If you have any questions, you can contact any staff member of CarWash2You.



Hi, my name is Max Goldstein and I am the CFO of Carwash 2 You. I am a student attending West Essex High School as a sophomore. I like hanging out with friends and family and participating in clubs. I enjoy business and new learning opportunities



I collect all payments on behalf of Car Wash 2 U! I also make sure our company policy is adhered to and our payment deadlines are met. My goal is to minimize bad debts in our company and keep track of people who are in debt to our business!